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Roxanne Collins


With one and a half years of training in psychotherapy, Roxanne Collins currently works as a youth worker and is aspiring to help people develop awareness and empower them in building their confidence, setting boundaries and discovering their identity, their true self.

Roxanne always had a passion for understanding people, even from an early age when she questioned everything starting from what makes us different and what brings us together to the meaning of life.

Roxanne is an avid reader, enjoys camping and is always eager to discover the decor of a coffee shop while writing her books.

Books by Roxanne Collins

First Look Through the Window - Book cover
Do you want to discover and understand yourself? This book speaks about a journey towards one’s self, a journey of discovering the authenticity and uniqueness inside each of us. We will go through each stage together and unveil what it means to become aware of the cycle of suffering that most of us go through, how can we make a change and find our inner voice, improve productivity and live a more joyful and satisfying life.
Non Fiction > Self help