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Ruby Knight


An avid Tolkien fan from her formative years, Ruby Knight was born in Australia and grew up in the Australian bush. After completing a degree in music composition, she toured in a rock band before becoming a teacher. She began writing her debut novel when a student she was teaching refused to read anything unless it was about cats. When she’s not writing or teaching, she can be found singing in jazz clubs.

Books by Ruby Knight

High Clowder Cats. Book by Ruby Knight. Book cover
Bushytail has made his own way n the world since he was a kit. He has to avoid the humans and their noisy machines as well as being on alert for toms that may want to challenge him. He joins up with a band of clowderless young toms. After being on his on for so long he is glad to have company, but this is just the start of the long journey Bushytail makes, along the way discovering who he is and how he fits into the world of cats. Bushytail is guided by the enigmatic Bristle. At first, Bushytail does not see the point of the rules Bristle is trying to teach him, but in awe of Bristle’s powers, and with much encouragement, he perseveres.
Fiction > Fantasy