High Clowder Cats

Book 1, Clowder Cats

Bushytail has made his own way n the world since he was a kit.  He has to avoid the humans and their noisy machines as well as being on alert for toms that may want to challenge him.  He joins up with a band of clowderless young toms. After being on his on for so long he is glad to have company, but this is just the start of the long journey Bushytail makes, along the way discovering who he is and how he fits into the world of cats.

Bushytail is guided by the enigmatic Bristle. At first, Bushytail does not see the point of the rules Bristle is trying to teach him, but in awe of Bristle’s powers, and with much encouragement, he perseveres. Unfortunately, the things Bristle is trying to teach him do not come naturally to Bushytail,

Like any young cat, Bushytail has high hopes and dreams, however, in the end his destiny is thrust upon him rather than being a path of his own choosing. There are many times when he nearly gives up, but, with the help of the Stone, he learns to put the needs of others before himself and accept the future that is laid out before him. Every step of the way his self-doubt threatens to overwhelm him, but somehow, despite his misgivings, he becomes instrumental in creating a new order for catkind through High Clowder.  

Unfortunately for Bushytail, not all cats are convinced that the new order is best for catkind. Cats have always walked alone, with power being bestowed only on the strongest. Those cats who are weak or infirm, generally do not survive for long. For a long time, this has been the natural order of things. Some cats question whether the idea of a new community - where the very young, elderly, weak and sick are cared for - should be allowed.

The question is, even if he is successful, will Bushytail be able to live out his life in peace with those he loves, in the clowder he is trying so hard to make a safe haven for all?

High Clowder Cats is the first book in the series Clowder Cats by author Ruby Knight. This series follows the adventures of feral cats living together and their struggle to survive.

Author's Notes

My main objective in writing High Clowder Cats was to write a great adventure story. Of course, it had to be a fantasy story: they are my favourite kind. I wrote this book when I couldn't work for four months after having brain surgery. Í suddenly realised that I had things I need to tell the world - important things. Although this is a fantasy book the problems the cats face are the same problems universal problems we all face.

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Genre: Fiction > Fantasy

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