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Samantha Shelby


Samantha Shelby finds imagining and writing are a natural part of her personality, and spends more time in faraway places than in reality. To occupy her hands while she daydreams, she collects blood samples and shelves library books. Her hobbies include sleeping, eating pickles, and collecting magazine articles. She lives in Ohio with her family and beloved West Highland White Terrier.

Books by Samantha Shelby

Sentinel Event - Book cover
The dead are not indifferent to the living. They have arrived among us in a peaceful invasion to haunt people, not places. Their purpose is to help and not harm us… but one man is their enemy, for reasons he can’t explain. For years, Aidriel has been helpless to protect himself from ghostly violence. Now a chance encounter in a hospital has set into motion a series of attacks the likes of which he has never before seen.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers