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Sandra Morrison


Sandra Morrison lives in Chicago, IL, USA. She is a kindergarten teacher and a mom of two, Zach and Chester. Surrounded by children at work and at home, Sandra always tries to find new ways to amuse and educate them.

A lover of fairy tales, Sandra has found them helpful on many occasions – to teach the children moral lessons, to entertain them, or to calm them before going to bed. As time went by, Sandra noticed that her sons knew all the stories by heart. This called for some new tales!

Using her imagination and natural gift for storytelling, Sandra created an adventure of two mice. Her sons, kindergarten students, and school parents loved the tale! So Sandra decided to share her story with even more children, all around the world.

Books by Sandra Morrison

Elvin and Brayden, Friends Forever by Sandra Morrison. Book cover
Whoosh! In one misstep near the sink, Elvin the pet mouse loses his footing and slips down the drain. He soon finds himself in a scary and unfamiliar world. Down below, Elvin meets Brayden, a street mouse. At first, the two seem quite different from each other. But they do share something in common. Both mice need help. They miss the love and support of their families. Each mouse requires one true friend.
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