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Sarah Jane Butfield


My name is Sarah Jane; I am a wife and mother, and for 27 years I was a qualified nurse. I have always loved writing and for the majority of my life it was confined to my journals. However, at a time when you have to make life-changing decisions, what really counts is what is inside you, how you feel and the love of the people around you. Sitting in a caravan in Queensland after the floods contemplating our future, my husband Nigel, said, "If you want to be a writer you need to just do it. Do something about it, learn how to write or just write."
Taking these words to heart, I realised that, I was the only one who could make it happen. So I did. I enrolled in two Diploma courses. A Diploma in Journalism and a Diploma in Creative Writing; I started my first assignment, in our caravan whilst we were still trying to work out our future.
I currently live in Southwest France with my husband, and with his support, I now write full time. I am busy writing the sequel,' Two suitcases, two dogs and one big idea' which follows our French adventure. We are currently renovating a rural French cottage and life is good.

Books by Sarah Jane Butfield

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Glass Half Full is the true story of a family, my family, and how we moved to Australia to live the dream. We achieved it, lived it and then lost it during the Brisbane floods in January 2011. Our Australian journey was tested many times, in different ways, throughout our four years there, but the floods caused us to lose the roots to our dream.
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