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Sheldon Miller


I love to cook tasty and healthy food.
After working for years, I had built up a collection of simple, healthy recipes—and finally maintained the confidence to write a cookbook.
I wanted to share many of my own my knowledge and experiences with you, because we all want to feel better in our bodies, and by trying out my recipes, you become empowered to discover not only the nutritious and flavorful food, but also your healthiest, most vibrant life.

Books by Sheldon Miller

The Simplest Alkaline Diet Guide for Beginners + 45 Easy Recipes by Sheldon Miller. Book cover
Assuming that you have already done your research on this topic, you have most likely stumbled upon different pieces of evidence that elaborate on the positive impact of alkaline diet. The basic concept of the Alkaline Diet follows an ideology that believes that the human body turns into a very healthy metabolic machine when acidic (acid forming) foods are completely replaced with Alkaline based ones. Without any prior knowledge, this is a concept that might seem a little bit hard to believe at first, but scientists all around the world are proving it otherwise!
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