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S.L. Matthews


Scott Matthews was born in Oklahoma City in 1976 and has spent his entire life in the great state of Oklahoma. By day, he puts out IT night, he raises teenagers and herds cats. Or...raises cats and herds teenagers. He's discovering more and more that those two are interchangeable. He's married to an amazing woman and has three great kids. Somewhere in between all that, he writes the "Mists of Kel Doran" epic fantasy series.

Books by S.L. Matthews

The Weave of Fate - Book cover
The city of Wyvern’s Rest has fallen … The feud between the capital cities of Cambridge and Sephyra has reached a boiling point, leaving the former “Jewel of the Highlands” a ghost of its former glory. Those with the means to live and the will to dream have already fled the city. Those lacking remain, condemned to bury their sorrow while the walls crumble around them. Lawlessness and poverty have overtaken the streets, and as the days grow longer, the shadows of the abandoned Outer Quarter loom ever darker.
Fiction > Fantasy