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SunBôw TrueBrother


Multimedia editor and networker. Founder at Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication. Multidimensional disclosure with valid info and first hand accounts of experiencers, promoting spiritual peaceful inter-species communication. @

Founder at One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace. Promoting peaceful environmental living honoring ancestral wisdom and universal spirituality. @

Founder at Ironwood Log Project, documenting Native traditions, cultures and wisdom on videos.

Author of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, 3 Books in the series, on Amazon

Author of Hairy Humanoids from the Wild - Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch & Disclosure of Inter-species Communication, 364 pages, 100 illustrations, available in paperback and eBook on Lulu and Amazon:

Author of Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, Volume One: On the Paths of Spiritualist Science

Books by SunBôw TrueBrother

Contemporary Shamanic Journeys by SunBôw TrueBrother. Book cover
A true life story. Through his memoirs, the author takes the readers on a journey of discovery, wonderment and learning about shamanic teachings and practices. This first volume in the series covers a first decade of travels, adventures and spiritual growth, through various edifying experiences and empowering encounters.
Non Fiction > Inspirational
Hairy Humanoids from the Wild by SunBôw TrueBrother. Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch. Book cover
Finally, the Ultimate Disclosure! An unprecedented comprehensive study exploring in depths all the aspects of the Hairy Humanoids phenomenon. From ancestral tribal knowledge, ancient lore, historic reports, and modern research, to psychic and paranormal phenomena, first hand encounters and inter-species communication.
Non Fiction > History