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Contemporary Shamanic Journeys

Volume One: On the Paths of Spiritualist Science

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''A human life is relatively very small among the billions of us who, since countless ages, inhabit this grand globe, which in the end is but a tiny particle of this unfathomable cosmos. In spite of this undeniable smallness, human life is certainly not insignificant and can find its profound meaning.''

''The value of actions is not measured only by their impact, but also by the intention that motivated them and by their effects and the repercussions they will have in the long term on the collective evolution. Every individual soul thus has the duty to use his/her free will and speak with their own voice to represent themselves, in order to share their involvement and to assume their part of responsibility and contribution to social development and collective evolution.''

''In respect to this reality, the roads of life have brought me, after many meanders and detours, to write this collection of shamanic stories gathered along my numerous journeys.''
'' Without taking you step by step through all the erring of my pilgrimages, we will briefly cover the main threads of my evolutionary course and spiritual learning, through over twenty countries. Following their chronological order, various stories will describe my progressive development on the path of spiritualist science, from the first initiations of the apprentice, to the work of the practitioner and teacher.''

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