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Tiffany Watkins


Tiffany Watkins is a certified Chaplain, Life Coach and author who was born and raised in South Carolina and attended Lander University, Greenwood, where she attained a Bachelor of Science in Sociology/Child and Family Studies. She has also received her Master's in Divinity and her Doctorate in Biblical Counseling. She lives with her cat, Cookie, and has a niece and 2 nephews whom she dotes upon.

Since then she has gained numerous other qualifications and is currently Pastor of Renewed Faith Ministries, while also being linked to several other fellowships and community groups.

Tiffany's other great passion in life is for writing and she has linked this with her own life and through her work in the church, to date has authored 2 books, Sexual Abuse of Youth Within the Church and The Lonely Heart: A Guide to Successful Single Living.

In her free time, Tiffany loves to travel and is slowly but surely ticking off each US state, with her ambition to visit them all currently at the halfway stage. She is also keenly interested in philanthropy and was a part of the Young Philanthropist Program of United Way in 2017-2018, serving her community through regular volunteering and service.

In the future, Tiffany sees her role as saving lives, relieving suffering, and helping to maintain human dignity through humanitarian work.

Books by Tiffany Watkins

The Lonely Heart - Book cover
Living a successful single life as a Christian or Christian in ministry can be challenging and difficult at times. With all the temptations and corruption we see going on among Christians concerning sex in the church, a book needed to be written on how to counteract the pitfalls of the enemy when it comes to sex and the church. Tiffany gives candid, personal and honest information through her testimony and others on how to live your best life now as singles.
Non Fiction > Love & Relationships