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Tina Huchinson


With regards to cooking, I am a self-taught, amatuer gormet cook.  I started cooking in my early 20's, when I moved to Germany, and found that if I wanted any kind of Asian or Hispanic cusine, I had to make it myself.  My love of cooking grew from there, and even when I can eat out, I find eating something at home from good ingredients to be much more satisfying.  Cooking is always fun, and I love a challenge, but by far I would say baking is always the most fun.

Books by Tina Huchinson

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A place to begin in the world of baking without gluten. 12 recipes, plus details on what works and (more importantly) what doesn't work. A guidebook that aims at giving you delicious results the first time, avoiding wasteful experiments. The knowledge gained transfers to the recipes you know and love already, so you will be able to create whatever baked goods you've been missing.
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