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Gluten-Free ASAP

by Tina Huchinson  US United States

December 12, 2013   |    1,101 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Gluten-Free ASAP was created out of my own family's necessity to avoid gluten & many allergens.  There are 12 recipes, for things like bread, pizza crust, cake, cookies, and pasta too.  The failures I experienced in my kitchen turned to success, & I learned many good lessons along the way.  The goal behind Gluten-Free ASAP is to have you baking when you need to, and after you've chosen the flour mix you will use, and secure some vital ingredients, the rest will never be difficult.  You will know how to alter many other recipes, and know what will work and what won't before you start.
People who suffer from Celiac disease, or severe food allergies must avoid the foods that hurt them.  When it comes to gluten, avoidance can be difficult because even when you stop eating anything containing it, you now have voids in your diet - nutritional voids.  Even if you find a bread you like at the store, you may not like the pricetag on it, and once again you find you need to make it yourself.  Let Gluten-Free ASAP help you down the shortest path to baking success. 

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