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Tom Immins


I grew up in Leicestershire and presently live in the small town of Market Harborough with my wife Jackie. I have two daughters Kimberley who is twenty-four and Georgia who is ten. I am an avid sports fan and life long supporter of Arsenal Football club. When I have the time to keep fit, I like to swim and do the occasional run. I also, when the mood takes me like to try and play the guitar, four chords and counting. My love of writing has been with me most of my life, I wrote my first short story in my teens and have written many since then, including childrens fairy tales. My first serious book is called 'No Write To Die' which introduces my main character to the world by the name of 'Sam Lucas' an ex-insurance investigator who becomes a writer. I have just completed two more Sam Lucas thrillers, called 'Czech Mate' and 'Deal Me Out' both recently released on Kindle Once again many thanks for dropping by. My Blog:

Books by Tom Immins

No Write To Die (book) by Tom Immins
Ex-Insurance investigator Sam Lucas has his world turned up side down when his wife is killed in a hit and run accident, A phone call claiming she was murdered, sends him on a roller coaster ride to discover the truth... When another girl turns up dead he is plunged into the seedy world of gangsters, greed and drugs.