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Uzoma Ezeson


Uzoma Ezeson is an essayist and a poet. She is a member of Mysterious Writers, a group of talented writers with the mission of inspiring, encouraging and motivating all and sundry with their talent. She enjoys writing, reading and researching. She has published articles and essays in leading article websites in the world.

Books by Uzoma Ezeson

My Hero (book) by Uzoma Ezeson
Life is all about choices. Although events and happenings may put us in one condition or the other, yet it is our choice to either keep staying in that condition or decide to do something about it. Man is always left with a choice to either become a hero or a coward. No man exists who has not once in his own person, become to some amount, a coward. That you were once a coward doesn’t make any meaning to me. What matters to me is how you utilize the next opportunity to exhibit bravery.