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Vasiliy Karavaev


Vasiliy Karavaev. Russian. 1973

Since 2004 lives in India Goa.

The author of three books. In 2012 he was nominated in the Russian National Literary Awards.

Books by Vasiliy Karavaev

Goa. Confession of the Psychedelic Oyster (book) by Vasiliy Karavaev
This book is for all those who were enthralled when reading ‘Shantaram’, and those who have had a chance to visit Goa. But also for those who plan to immerse themselves in the noisy, bright, unmatched vibes of the universal capital of downshifters, two-week tourists, yogis, Israeli demobs, freaks, smokers, and dancers of all types. This book is about the paradise resort’s carefree and happy façade, and its insides. About the illusory freedom provided by psychedelics, and the very real imprisonment of an Indian jail.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers