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Viktor Aditya Chopra


Viktor Aditya Chopra had spent lots of time discovering human nature. He studied Hinduistic and Buddhistic practices, taking from them everything the best. Also, he combined all it with the most progressive research of modern psychology, and it made his book really effective and practical - for absolutely anyone. Now Mr.Chopra is working on expanding his knowledge, based on his background, so expect some new amazing books written for you in the nearest future!

Books by Viktor Aditya Chopra

Meditation for You (book) by Viktor Aditya Chopra
Discover the most effective way to regulate your life. This book is being written for you. What does that mean? It is going to introduce you to several styles of meditation and then it is going to show you how to make meditation work for you. It is action-packed. So this is what will help you to begin to understand that meditation is a quite powerful tool and just like any good tool it will be comforting you, you will learn how to use it to bring about positive changes in your daily life.
Non Fiction