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Vinay Singh


VINAY SINGH is a strategist, consultant, influencer and thought leader in the field of talent acquisition strategy and human capital management. He has been a trusted adviser to over one hundred businesses including many Fortune 500 companies.

In recent years, Vinay's vast industry experience has opened his eyes to the ever-changing plight of the American workforce and he has become a leading advocate in the fight against Ageism (age discrimination) and wage/income inequality. This "age and wage" crisis, as he calls it, has led Vinay Singh to his first book.

Vinay Singh is a graduate of OSU and NJIT and also has studied at the Wharton School, NYU, and Columbia. He has also had important life lessons, proudly watching his father, an immigrant from India, achieve the American Dream. Today, he firmly believes that future generations should have that same opportunity.

Books by Vinay Singh

Rising Middle Class: Your Future In Pieces - Book cover
There is desperate need to save ourselves and generations that follow from the ongoing demise of the American workforce perpetrated by unmitigated greed, and the complete disregard for a dilemma facing millions of Americans right now. Singh brings his passion to the pages as he delves into under-employment, wage suppression, age discrimination and CEO compensation.
Non Fiction