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Rising Middle Class: Your Future In Pieces

The Brutal Truth: How Ageism And Income Inequality Are Destroying America
by Vinay Singh  IN India

August 30, 2019   |    399 reads    |   0 comments

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Rising Middle Class: Your Future In Pieces - Book coverThere is desperate need to save ourselves and generations that follow from the ongoing demise of the American workforce perpetrated by unmitigated greed, and the complete disregard for a dilemma facing millions of Americans right now.

Singh brings his passion to the pages as he delves into under-employment, wage suppression, age discrimination and CEO compensation. Supported by facts and figures from in-depth research, Singh provides an eye-opening account of the current crisis facing the future of the American workforce.

Your Future in Pieces is a must read for all Americans who worry about paying bills, sending children to college and retiring comfortably with dignity. It is also a must read for all corporate professionals and graduating college students.

About The Author

VINAY SINGH is a strategist, consultant, influencer and thought leader in the field of talent acquisition strategy and human capital management. He has been a trusted adviser to over one hundred businesses including many Fortune 500 companies.

In recent years, Vinay's vast industry experience has opened his eyes to the ever-changing plight of the American workforce and he has become a leading advocate in the fight against Ageism (age discrimination) and wage/income inequality. This "age and wage" crisis, as he calls it, has led Vinay Singh to his first book.

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