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Vivienne K. Munn


Vivienne K. Munn is a published author and former educator who has developed various activity books, game workbooks, and crossword puzzles for kids to engage in ‘To learn while playing.’
And to continue, introduce the kids to the world of words and games.

She intends her books to provide children and parents fun bonding time and allow different ways to promote children’s cognitive abilities and enrich their self–confidence. All her works have a teaching lesson element in them along with hints of engaging characters.

“My desire to bring about development and enhance learning skills in children is the most prominent reason behind the creation of the book series.”
My motto, “Learn and Grow!”

Vivienne’s hobbies during her free time centered on reading, B.O.T., writing, learning new things and engaging with family, colleagues, and friends, her passion is writing inspirational materials for children and middle-grade students.

Books by Vivienne K. Munn

My Activity Journal Ages 3 – 6 Book 1 - Book cover
There are many; new activities, matching sets, and recognizing numbers, and letters. Games, puzzles, and brain teasers; all help with ways to learn, Numbers, Colors, and Letters! Engaging material to help and keep young children busy with fun ways to ‘Learn and Grow’! Ensure that your child, niece, nephew, or a neighbor’s child are ready before schools begin. Pick–up a copy help enhance the child’s learning skills.
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