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Will Esling


Will Esling has long had a fascination with Welsh folklore and the history of Wales, now mostly forgotten or highjacked in the writings of the victors and conquerors of this land over 1400 years. Cadwaladr - King Arthur is etched into the very landscape of Wales, and many place names bear this out. One example is ‘Caerfyrddin,’ Carmarthen - The Fort of Myrddin - or Merlin. Welsh culture is a rich heritage of unwritten history with stories passed down from one generation to the next from ancient times. Will Esling brings you a spellbinding tale of this magical world, which the characters of Armageddon’s Rod bring vividly to life.

Books by Will Esling

Armageddon’s Rod by Will Esling. Book cover
Since he can remember, young Jack Dore has had the strangest of dreams. Another world and another life! He can’t escape when he’s awake either, being followed every moment by his ‘shadows.’ Jack believes it is only he who can see his shadows until he meets a mysterious old lady. Following an incident at the local swimming pool, where he nearly drowns, he finds himself transported in his unconscious state to the Celtic Otherworld ‘Annwn,’ where he meets Queen Eigyr. He is told he is the only one who can save the world from Armageddon.
Fiction > Fantasy