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Will Esling


Will Esling has long had a fascination with Welsh folklore and the history of Wales, now mostly forgotten or highjacked in the writings of the victors and conquerors of this land over 1400 years. Cadwaladr - King Arthur is etched into the very landscape of Wales, and many place names bear this out. One example is ‘Caerfyrddin,’ Carmarthen - The Fort of Myrddin - or Merlin. Welsh culture is a rich heritage of unwritten history with stories passed down from one generation to the next from ancient times. Will Esling brings you a spellbinding tale of this magical world, which the characters of Armageddon’s Rod bring vividly to life.

Books by Will Esling

Armageddon’s Rod - Book cover

If you thought you knew about King Arthur, then think again. Armageddon's Rod is a tale with a difference. It's historic but it isn't. It's about real people but it's about souls finding a home.
Armageddon's Rod is the author's first venture into fantasy/general fiction and he's loved every minute of the writing journey. The book mixes his love of writing with his love of his home country Wales and a Dark Ages history, about which little is known, especially the historic King Arthur or 'Cadwaladr,’ as he is known in those parts.

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