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Armageddon’s Rod

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by Will Esling  GB United Kingdom

June 18, 2021   |    253 reads    |   0 comments

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Armageddon’s Rod by Will Esling. Book coverIf you thought you knew about King Arthur, then think again.  Armageddon's Rod is a tale with a difference.    It's historic but it isn't.  It's about real people but it's about souls finding a home.

Armageddon's Rod is the author's first venture into fantasy/general fiction and he's loved every minute of the writing journey.

The  book mixes his love of writing with his love of his home country Wales and a Dark Ages history,  about which little is known, especially the historic King Arthur or 'Cadwaladr,’ as he is known in those parts. The ancient unwritten history and legends of forgotten Celtic lands is the backbone of Armageddon’s Rod, but  coupled this is an exploration of the ‘Elysian Concept of Consciousness’ which, Will Esling believes affects all our lives. The book explores our inner souls and the consciousness which may already exist within us at birth... showing we have existed somewhere before.  As Wordsworth put in… “…the Soul that rises with us hath had elsewhere its setting and cometh from afar… trailing clouds of glory…”

Sounds crazy, but what if the reality of our inner souls meant we’d been someone else and we could be that someone else again? The theory means we may all be time travellers within our deepest consciousness and hence hostages of our souls and past lives. Armageddon’s Rod leads us to these adventures, in worlds far removed from our own, many eons ago.

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