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William D. Dickerson


I'm a teacher and a writer. I've been both for most of my life. I don't fall into a genre or category. I write whatever crazy thing pops into my head when I sit down to write. I was born in a speck on the map of northern PA, and spend most of my life on in a speck on the map of southern NY, but now I'm living in Denver CO. I've got a BA with a double major in Elementary Education and English and a Masters in Literacy. 

Books by William D. Dickerson

Cherry Wood - Book Image Did Not Load!
What happens when two strangers who are running away from their past meet? What if their pasts overlap in unexpected ways? Will- went to an outstanding college and got an MBA and a high-paying job and one day left it all behind because his grandfather taught him to “never have a job you can’t walk away from.” He left his rich family, his girlfriend, and his job without a word or a second thought.