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Yvonne Blackwood


Yvonne Blackwood, author of non-fiction books―Into Africa a Personal Journey, Will That Be Cash or Cuffs? Into Africa the Return, and children’s picture books about Nosey Charlie. An award-winning short-story writer, Yvonne has contributed Human Kindness, Canadian Voices, and WordScape. She published articles in More Our Canada, Adelaide, and Green Prints magazines.

Books by Yvonne Blackwood

Into Africa a Personal Journey by Yvonne Blackwood. Book cover
A remarkable and intriguing story about a journey to the land of Blackwood’s ancestors. Into Africa a Personal Journey, begins in Nigeria with exposure to the tight control by the military that causes Blackwood to experience fear as never before. Her journey continues to take her on an exploration of a new mysterious world where she experiences joy and wonderment as she shares in the lives of family members, friends and new acquaintances.
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