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Into Africa a Personal Journey

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June 18, 2022  |  446 views

Into Africa a Personal Journey by Yvonne Blackwood. Book coverA remarkable and intriguing story about a journey to the land of Blackwood’s ancestors. Into Africa a Personal Journey, begins in Nigeria with exposure to the tight control by the military that causes Blackwood to experience fear as never before. Her journey continues to take her on an exploration of a new mysterious world where she experiences joy and wonderment as she shares in the lives of family members, friends and new acquaintances.

Peppered with nostalgic flashbacks of her native Jamaica, the story resonates with unique poignancy, a love of people and Blackwood's growing spiritual quest for her African roots among the proud Ashanti people.

Author's Notes

I had no dreams, goals, or desire to become an author; however, I was good at writing compositions in high school. I started writing books in early 1998. It was by sheer coincidence, or was it divine intervention? I had just returned from my first journey to West Africa in February. Excited to share the details about my intriguing experience with friends, I invited several of them over for dinner. The responses to the anecdotes I shared was overwhelming. “You have to share your story with the world, not just us. Write a book about it.” I acted on the suggestion and have continued to write.

About Yvonne Blackwood

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Yvonne Blackwood, author of non-fiction books―Into Africa a Personal Journey, Will That Be Cash or Cuffs? Into Africa the Return, and children’s picture books about Nosey Charlie. An award-winning short-story writer, Yvonne has contributed Human Kindness, Canadian Voices, and WordScape. She published articles in More Our Canada, Adelaide, and Green Prints magazines.

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