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Zak Hennessey


Zak Hennessey is an artist and teacher from Colorado. He’s worked in the entertainment industry, creating artwork for movies, video games, comic books, and more. In 2012 he opened the Denver Entertainment Art & Design Academy (D.E.A.D. Academy), where he teaches industry skills to the next generation of entertainment artists. He’s always loved writing, but despite producing over a million words while participating in NaNoWriMo, he’d always felt too busy with art to seriously focus on pursuing a career in writing. That changed suddenly in 2017. Tired of dealing with temperamental and unreliable clients, he shifted his attention to writing, deciding it was time to begin turning his decades of story ideas into novels for the enjoyment of humanity. His first series, The Age of Twilight, has been growing and expanding since the mid-90’s, and was first published as a comic book series called LAZARUS: The Many Reincarnations, premiering just as the industry was plummeting into a downward spiral in the late 90’s.

Books by Zak Hennessey

Seeds for the Reaper - Book cover
The thengati hunt and eat humans. They’ve done so for hundreds of years. Savage brutes, powerfully muscled and warlike, they rule the dark places of the land. But the survivors have been learning and adapting. Uniting the scattered human clans, they’ve become stronger, more cunning. The people of Claremont have risen to their feet, screaming defiance at their tormentors. Using hard-earned strategy and superior weaponcraft, King Brenard of the noble Mont-Callahie bloodline has begun turning the tide.
Fiction > Fantasy