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Zane Shonforest


I was living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere--not a lot of options in life at the time. I found an old magazine in the cabin, read it and decided to submit my own story. The magazine was so old that the editor had long since moved on but, fortunately, the new editor responded. I then received a letter from an agent, Bijou. She told me to keep writing, "Don't worry about the logistics...." She would take care of that. Bijou was on her way to my cabin to discuss the future but never made it. Her car was hit by a train and she was killed. I keep her letter on my desk. And, I kept writing. I have now published three books: Tumblweed Logic, A Bible And A Fly Swatter - 1977 and Rancho Alviso.

Books by Zane Shonforest

A Bible And A Fly Swatter 1977
All Morgan wanted was to find a roof over her head with her oversized canine companion. She found it -having to live under the watchful eyes of a crazy woman while a wave of unexpected life lessons ensued.
Tumbleweed Logic
Adventures from the coast of Monterey to the village of Pista in the Southwest: A story of friendship, deceit, revenge ... death and love all in the midst of characters that will capture your imagination and your heart.
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