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A Bible And A Fly Swatter 1977

by Zane Shonforest  US United States

May 27, 2011   |    1,437 reads    |   0 comments

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A Bible And A Fly Swatter 1977All Morgan wanted was to find a roof over her head with her oversized canine companion. She found it—having to live under the watchful eyes of a crazy woman while a wave of unexpected life lessons ensued. Some of what Morgan witnessed for the first time in her young life shook her innocence. Backed by naivete, she started with stealing her grandfather from a neglectful rest home. "Now what do I do with him?" What would she do with the mysterious sommelier, or naked Albert who refused to keep his clothes on, or a W. A. S. P. who survived in discontent, or David who survived crumpled in a wheelchair with his hookah and brilliant mind. With the help of George, who popped through her closet door regularly, she made a dent to be remembered and lived a year she will never forget.

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