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10 Notoriously Cursed Items

Mysteries Behind Cursed Items From Around The World

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April 10, 2016  |  1,450 views  |  0 reviews / comments

10 Notoriously Cursed Items (book) by Michael AranguaThere are some things you just can’t buy in a store. Sometimes you can get them at a yard sale or flea market, but you have to wonder about the item’s history. Who did it belong to before you? What did it mean to them, and what would they do to make sure that nobody else would ever have it? Do you have anything like this lying around your house? It’s not just houses and buildings that could be haunted, but around the world you can find stories about objects possessed by a spirit or demon, and many tales of what happened to the unfortunate owners or recipients of the objects in question. To regain trust, those that are the ‘keepers’ of the information need to allow better transparency, otherwise the adage of ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ will be our path of the future.

When people die, they leave many things. Some leave legacies, some leave mysteries, and some people leave cursed objects. Many of these terrifying objects have bought great misfortunate to their owners, manifesting themselves in financial and health woes, hauntings, and even death.

It’s not like these people who find these objects go out and destroy them right away? Nope. Instead of destroying they, they decide that the best thing to do with something that brings misery and death is to keep it, or maybe even put it in a museum.

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My name is Michael Arangua. I have been a believer. I have been a skeptic. My personal journey in life of long-winding and twisting roads, has shown me that ultimate truth lies somewhere in between popular opinion and urban legend. Too often in life, we take for granted that what people say is true without actually researching the facts for ourselves. Maybe that's because sometimes peering...

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