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200 Years

Celebrating Chapman Township, Pennsylvania
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June 22, 2022  |  455 views

200 Years by The Chapman Wordweavers Society. Celebrating Chapman Township, Pennsylvania. Book coverThis book celebrates the life from the Native Americans, the early settlers, to the Railroad, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the mighty Susquehanna River, businesses, churches and landmarks to outdoor recreational activities, wildlife and the beautiful endless mountains of north-central Pennsylvania. Chapman Township has been captivating residents and visitors for over 200 years.

Now, join the Chapman Wordweavers in a journey back to the past through storytelling.

Writers and photographers include Vincent Tarantella, James Roberts, Terri Hough, Glen ‘Glenie b’ Brooks, John Ruhl, Stephen Miller, Lee Roberts, Donna M. Kshir and Maureen Ruhl.


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The Chapman Wordweavers Society is a creative writing group of independent writers, editors, and publishers. The goal for each writer is to discover and share their own unique style and talent. Each writer has a free range of creativity and is encouraged to share their vision. Each writer is responsible to write, edit, design, publish and promote their own work. Writers and photographers...

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