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A Day at the ZOO

Bedtime story book
by Aaron Adams  US United States

December 9, 2018   |    874 reads    |   0 comments

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A Day at the ZOO: Bedtime story book - Book cover

A Day at the Zoo is a children’s book that your little ones will find delightful.
It follows a typical day visiting a zoo and the different animals that are seen.
There are elephants, crocodiles, tigers, flamingoes and many more.

This captivating children’s book is also an activity book. Your children must search for the odd-one-out within the animals. A different animal is hidden in amongst them.

•    Beautifully illustrated throughout.
•    For young readers aged 2-4 years.
•    Teaches children to be observant and teaches them about the varying species of animals in their world.
•    Written in an easy to read rhyming format.

Read A Day at the Zoo to your children and see their faces light up when they search for all the different hidden animals.

About The Author

Aaron Adams has always been interested in the topic of raising children.
He graduated from university with a degree in sociology. Worked with children aged 5 to 10 years.
Now Aaron is dedicated to helping parents teach their children great values and life lessons in an easy to understand manner.
Particular attention in his books Aaron gives illustrations.
Therefore, illustrations and magical stories not only entertain children but also develop and educate.

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