Uncover the treasure in you.
by AG Antigua and Barbuda
December 1, 2016

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A DIAMOND OUT OF THE ROUGH (book) by Linda GibsonAre you where you want to be in life? Do you ever feel as though there is something holding you back from the life you know you were meant to live? Are you living with feelings of frustration and resentment because you have settled so many times for less than you deserve?

This life-changing new book will equip, inspire, and encourage you to overcome a self-defeating mindset and toxic emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, anger, low self-esteem, jealousy, and much more through the power of God’s Word. As you read this revolutionary book, you will understand the truth about God’s unconditional love and acceptance of you. You will learn how to define your identity, sense of worth, and significance based on what God said about you and who He has made you, and not on peoples’ opinions of you, or what you do.

If you are ready to BREAK FREE from the emotional and psychological pain of your past, and uncover the core of who you are, live a life that is authentic and unpretentious, and find a sense of your true purpose in life, then this book is for you. The time has come for the treasure of who you are to be revealed!

Author's Note: 

Although this book was written during times of deep inner pain and personal setbacks, those tough times taught me lessons of forgiveness, self-acceptance, determination, and courage that helped me to move forward with my life.

No matter where you are in life, this book offers you tools that will empower you to throw off the shackles of unforgiveness, failure, rejection, low self-esteem, approval addiction, fear, doubt, or whatever else holds you in an emotional prison, so that you can regain your confidence, identity, self-respect, and a sense of your true purpose in life.
I believe in the potential for success that lies within you, so take the opportunity that this book gives you to uncover the treasure within you. Let the world see the beauty of who you really are.

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A DIAMOND OUT OF THE ROUGH (book) by Linda Gibson
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