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A Proposal for the Christian Arts

by Clarke Emervane  AU Australia

April 22, 2019   |    515 reads    |   0 comments

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A Proposal for the Christian Arts - Book coverBelievers who pursue creative projects are usually faced with a number of questions regarding the place of art in Christian theology. How is the Christian to think about art, and its place in the world? A Proposal for the Christian Arts is an answer to many of these questions, such as 'what is art, and how do we define it?' 'is there purpose in entertainment?' and 'can art glorify God?'

More than anything, A Proposal is a call for Christians to reclaim the depth and wonder of their theology, and to express it in creative means, as appropriate.

Author's Note: 

Much like any book, A Proposal was foremost necessary to write in order to answer my own questions regarding art. There seems to be much silence on the subject from believers, or confusion if there is. I simply the questions I have found peace to answer may help you on your way also.

About The Author

Clarke Emervane is a Christian who writes. He has a passion for narrative, and the Great Redemptive Narrative that can be told through the means of narrative. Works vary from poetry to prose, and formats from novels, and novellas to interactive visual novels. Mostly fantasy, you can find him always working on too many projects at one time.

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