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A Return To Endurance

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by Olivia Gaines  US United States

June 5, 2019   |    846 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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A Return To Endurance - Book coverby Siera London and Olivia Gaines

Welcome back to Endurance. The Award-Winning series is back this Father’s Day to catch up on the town’s favorites as well as find love for two more of its residents.
Kenny, your favorite local trash collector, finds a new treasure that may be more than he can handle. All will work out in the end as he sees himself as a new father along with a very opinionated history professor named name Emily. Kenny can survive the changes as long with finding himself growing a load of patience for enduring Emily.
Then come on over and meet our next town folks. Weddings triggered Kelby Springfield’s gag reflex. The scene of a wedding kicks off the first kiss, between Hank Stewart and the lady creating sparks that just won’t stop.
“A woman only gets caught if she wants to, Hank Stewart.”
He chuckled. “So I’ve heard. Do I get to keep you?”
Hank may be keeping a great deal more in these next installments of the Men of Endurance. Come back to our lovely town to learn of the fates of these couples and Kelby and Hank’s discovery of being all out of love.

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USA Today Bestselling Authors, Siera London and Olivia Gaines.
Siera London is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She crafts stories of diverse characters navigating the challenges and triumphs to find lasting love. Intelligence, wit, emotion, drama, and sensual romance are between the covers of every Siera London novel. Siera lives in California with her husband, and a color patch tabby named Frie. Learn more about her books, upcoming releases and join her Londonaire Lounge at
Olivia Gaines is multiple award-winning, best-selling author of contemporary romances, she writes heartwarming stories of blossoming relationships about couples not only falling in love but building a life after the hot sex scene. Olivia lives in Hephzibah, Georgia with her husband, son, grandson and snotty evil cat, Katness Evermean. Learn more about her books, upcoming releases and join her bibliophile nation at

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