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A Risky Proposition and Soul Seduction

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February 2, 2012  |  1,971 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Book Image Did Not Load!A Risky Proposition and Soul Seduction - Books 1&2 of a Fantasy Romance Duology
What would you do if you met a sexy djinn who offered you three wishes? Before you get too excited, you’d better read the fine print - because after he grants your third wish, he gets to claim your soul. Forever.
When Sydney Corrigan goes out for a night on the town to have fun and forget her problems, the sinfully handsome Balthus seems only too happy to help. Unfortunately, Balthus is no ordinary man. He’s a death djinn intent on claiming her soul.
Luckily for Sydney, she has her faerie guardian on her side … not to mention an exceedingly hot Irish detective who would love nothing more than to discredit the death djinns once and for all.
But now that she has an open contract out for her soul, Sydney discovers that there are more death djinns wandering around in disguise than she bargained for. And avoiding the word 'wish' isn't quite as easy as it sounds!
Both books are full length novels.

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