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Passionate Magic

by Dawn Addonizio  US United States

February 18, 2013   |    1,432 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Passionate Magic (book image did not load)Passion…
When Violet Hendrickson takes a tour in The Florida Keys and meets sexy boat captain, Doyle Thresher, the attraction is instantaneous.  The warm summer sun, the mystique of the ocean, and the charming, chiseled Irishman are more than she can resist.
But something evil is lurking beneath the waves, lying in wait for Violet.  And when she nearly drowns on Doyle's boat tour, he knows it’s no ordinary accident.  In order to keep her safe, he will be forced to reveal his most deeply held secret. 
Will Violet be able to accept the magical truth of his identity?  And will he be able to convince her of the existence of the evil that hunts her … before it’s too late?
Passionate Magic is the third book in Dawn Addonizio's Faerie Realm series.  The first two, A Risky Proposition and Soul Seduction, comprise a duology; while Passionate Magic is a stand-alone novel.  It became available as an advanced release e-book on in January 2013.  It will be available on other e-book platforms, and in print, April 2013.

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