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A True Women’s Murder

by Elena Zhuravleva  UA Ukraine

January 6, 2019   |    643 reads    |   0 comments

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A True Women’s Murder - Book coverTired of constant stress, a businessman decided to relax on an incredible adventure and went to Egypt. Imagine his surprise when he saw a knife in the hands of his diving instructor. Somebody must want him killed, but who ordered the murder? Who wants blood money? His investigation led to his beloved wife, and so he plots a devious and horrifying revenge… Is this killing love? He is obsessed with revenge. But what will his obsession lead to? New evidence indicates that his wife was innocent. Will he be able to prevent her execution?

About The Author

Elena Zhuravleva, journalist, writer, author of three detective novels and two mystical thrillers. Elena says:
«I have always been interested in the connection between different worlds – ours and those somewhere close, maybe existing in a parallel reality. My books are about the interpenetration of these worlds, the thin veil between, the opportunities and choice of where you want to be. Allow me to introduce some characters of my books. Listen to them, laugh and cry with them, and eventually, you will love them, and together you will win».

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