The Adventurous Kids

A Mission in the Magic Town
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Posted October 28, 2022  |  212 views

The Adventurous Kids. Book by Arushi Bhattacharjee. Book coverThis is an adventure story written by a six-year-old author. A Magical book teleports the siblings into Magic Town. There they meet the twins and team up for a critical mission.

About Arushi Bhattacharjee

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Arushi started writing this book when she was five years old. Now she is six and studies in Grade 1 at Seneca Trail Public School. She was inspired by her sister, Anushka, who is a child author herself. Arushi is an avid reader, like her sister. One night she dreamed of being slurped up by a book. Apparently, the Magic Town is what she saw in her dream! Arushi was born in Texas and then...

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