Puppy Prankmaster

Puppy Prankmaster by Arushi Bhattacharjee - Book cover.
Silly pranks and humourous tricks of a talking puppy

22 July, 2023

A laugh-out-loud story about the Puppy PrankMaster, Nix.

A comical book that all dog lovers will enjoy, especially if they wish their pets could talk and play silly pranks! 

An early reader chapter book for children aged 5-8, grades 1-3. 

Aran's long-awaited wish finally comes true, when his puppy, Nix arrives. 
But soon he realizes Nix loves to play pranks.
Find out what crazy adventures Aran ends up taking because of the pranks that Nix loves to play. 

EXCERPTS from the book
... They are pretending to play drums with spoons, pots, and pans! "What's happening in the middle of the night?" Aran screams. "We wanted to play you a lullaby!" 

Do you like silly pranks filled with humour? 
Read along to enjoy the tricks and playfulness of Nix, the talking puppy!

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Genre: Fiction > Children

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