The Adversary

Seeking revenge for the murder of his girlfriend, a journalist is dragged into the criminal underworld not knowing what he is going to find. To search the services of a contract killer called Casimir, he would never have expected that the revenge he wanted would turn out to be much bigger and more frightening than urban violence and the corruption of traffic.

Blood, soul mates, pain, fear, darkness, the obscure lurked in the background. The evil personified in Casimir's crudeness and aggression had already included the journalist in his plans and was waiting for him to a fate from which it was too late to retreat.

Author's Notes

In THE ADVERSARY, the supernatural acts in the most uncomfortable way: in the small things of our daily life. It acts beneath quiet moments. It plays small tricks that we never associate with the whole. It rises in unsuspected places. It digs galleries under our peace until the time that the structures in which we erect our sanity, so corroded, come below.

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Genre: Fiction > Horror & Paranormal

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ISBN: 9798520581758

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Sucharita Biswas

1 year 12 months ago


In my opinion, the book has a very different kind of vibe which is not easy to place. It takes you to dark places in your mind and compels you to think. The two characters, Zeca and Casimir, are brilliantly entwined. Also, it has a powerful touch of horror with some psycho elements. The characters are very unusual one which you would not able to find easily in other books. If you are a fan of dark psycopath horror books, then you cannot miss this one.

Christine Morgan

1 year 12 months ago


Then there are the days you get an envelope covered with international postage stickers and it’s a nifty-looking paperback from Brazil, with really cool built-in flyleaf cover design (why don’t all paperbacks have that? brilliant!)

Even better, it turns out to be a really cool read. Admittedly, not the easiest one; the translation from Portuguese is far from perfect, and might throw some readers off. Me, language-loving weirdo that I am, I found it extra-fascinating to compare and contrast, and see how various concepts came across. I think I enjoyed that aspect as much as I enjoyed the story itself.

I think it also helped that it’s in first-person point-of-view (well, mostly; halfway through it does inexplicably switch to third for the rest of the book). Makes the tone very conversational and natural, like listening to someone who’s not a native speaker nonetheless do a great job getting their point across.

Story-wise, our protagonist, Zeca, is on the run. It’s a mess he got himself into by, in a moment of grief-stricken desperation, hiring a killer to seek revenge on his behalf. Casimir, however, turns out to be no ordinary assassin, and his interest in Zeca quickly becomes a deadly, even supernatural, obsession. To save himself and his rapidly-dwindling list of loved ones, Zeca will have to confront his own inner dark side, while trying to stay a step ahead of evil.

Most impressive of all, this is the author’s first novel, and if this is how good of a debut they’re making, the rest of us better look out! Even taking the language/translation issues into account. I’ve seen far rougher works from more experienced native English speakers. Definite kudos to the author and translator!

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