All the Right Wrongs

All the Right Wrongs (book) by Hanyi Huang

24 July, 2012

A small kindness can turn strangers into best friends... a small turn of events can turn best friends back into strangers. Angelique (Angie) Smith and David Brown are childhood friends. There was a time when they loved each other, but then five words broke them apart: "I wish you would die." Ever since that day, they never communicated again, and her terrible actions haunted Angie every day. Both Angie and David are in high school now, and they both have their significant other. Angie was going to homecoming with her boyfriend, but there, her first love came back into her life... with his girlfriend, Lily, who was also Angie’s best friend. As life goes on, secrets are discovered, hearts are broken, and friendships are destroyed.

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Genre: Fiction > General


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