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Amanda's Return - Hunter's Find 2

by June Kramin  US United States

August 3, 2012   |    1,032 reads    |   0 comments

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Amanda's Return - Hunter's Find 2Returning to help the mob was not what Mandy had in mind when she joined witness protection with Hunt.

After a move and name change, Amanda thought her days with dealing with the FBI and Mob were over. Her past comes back to haunt her as Eddie, the right hand man of the kingpin himself tracks her down, claiming to need her help. Amanda’s instinct is to refuse, until she discover what it is he needs. The return of the kingpin’s son, Angelo.

Vince Menusco’s men are being killed off with no explanation of who is behind it. Learning of Angelo’s disappearance is enough for Amanda to agree return to the streets of New York and help find him. Against her wishes, Hunt goes along to help.

Even after getting Angelo to safety, Eddie refuses to free Amanda from their deal. Threatening her family, he insists she puts an end to the killings.  Finding out who is causing them and why was more than Mandy was prepared to deal with.

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