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And The Clouds Parted

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January 25, 2023  |  328 views

And The Clouds Parted (poetry) by Gabrielle Yetter. Book coverGabrielle Yetter's journey through lockdown continued as she witnessed the pain of a friend who lost her partner to Covid (Moving On), observed peoples’ obsession with mobile devices in a vaccination clinic (Disconnected), and watched news of atrocities around the world (Left Behind and Sunflowers of Hope).

She studied people: frail, elderly women who seemed to be invisible (Nobody), young men who were often thought threatening (Buddy), old men hunting for bargains (Like Him), people with their beloved pets (Dog Days), and fathers anticipating the arrival of their children (Waiting).

She watched people who often went unnoticed and imagined what their lives might be like. In them, and in her surroundings, she saw beauty and promise. And hope for a better tomorrow. These poems reflect those observations.


Author's Notes

My poetry collection was born during lockdown when I observed the pain of loss and loneliness, but also saw hope and promise. I began observing people, noticing situations, and visualising how other individuals' lives must be. I constantly focused on the positive and these poems are a refection of my observations.

About Gabrielle Yetter

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Gabrielle Yetter is a British author who was born in India, raised in Bahrain, and worked as a journalist in South Africa, before travelling to the U.S. on holiday where she remained for more than 20 years. In 2010, she and her husband, Skip, sold their home, gave away most of their possessions and bought one-way tickets to Cambodia where she wrote The Sweet Tastes of Cambodia (a book...

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