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Angel Tango

Beyond the Line of Duty

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April 26, 2022  |  721 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Angel Tango: Beyond the Line of Duty by Mitchell Megaley. Book coverStill mourning the loss of his best friend and fellow operative, Angel Organization’s biggest badass, Craig Walton, is once again called into service to save the day. His new partner is Claire Hope, the surviving member of the husband-wife duo William and Claire Hope, the best team in Canada’s secret service before William was killed in the line of duty.

Confined to a desk and raising the son, Claire has now been forced back into action and into a new partnership that upends the lives of both Claire and her new partner. You see, Craig has never met a woman like Claire. Smart and incredibly beautiful, Claire makes Craig’s heart race and forces him to rethink the very principles that have guided him his entire life.

For Claire, the attraction is mutual, but Craig’s recklessness makes Claire understandably hesitant to commit personally or professionally. Nonetheless, the pair must now face Monroe Cornwall, a psychopathic Englishman with revenge on his mind who finds Claire’s son to be the perfect target. Will Craig and Claire save the day and live happily ever after, or will this be another mission marked by tragedy in more ways than one?


About Mitchell Megaley

AU Australia

Mitchell Megaley is a romance and fiction Australian-based author who began writing at a very young age, guided by his creativity. While he was growing up, his parents restored an old brewery, which also had been a village school and a farm. Fascinated by his environment and its happenings, this fueled his inspiration for writing after wandering through stories of his new home's previous...

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