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The Astral Hacker

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by Brian Terenna  US United States

April 10, 2021   |    1,187 reads    |   0 comments

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The Astral Hacker - Book coverIn 2120, New America is the world leader in technology and individual freedom. Why, then, has seventeen-year-old Fae Luna felt like an isolated prisoner her entire life?

She survived the worst of the foster care system by honing her skills as a top-level hacker and thanks to the support of her humanoid robot, Sunny, who is illegally upgraded to a human-level AI.

Finally, she’s matched with a foster mom who treats her kindly. Fae slowly lets her guard down until a suspicious tragedy tears them apart. With no flesh-and-blood friends, she is forced to call Blaze, a guild-mate from her online holo-game, who introduces her to a motley crew of rebels and loyalists. When they dig into Fae’s mystery, they discover a far-reaching and deadly conspiracy.

Fae promised her dying mother she would never alter her body with a brain implant, but with the Evo, her hacking skills would be unbeatable. Lethal battles and devastating consequences will challenge her vow.

Will Fae choose the enhancement or trust her own exceptional mind to defeat a secretive and powerful force threatening all New Americans?

Author's Note: 

The Astral Hacker is cyberpunk, Sci-fi mystery, or dystopian sci-fi. It has includes high technology, an exciting and twisting plot, strong and diverse characters, and explores various political structures. The Astral Hacker is a warning of what has been and what could be again. It is the first novel in the Cryptopunk Revolution series. The novel explores the life of a Dominican teen who is a foster care nomad. She's place into her sixth home and things are great until her foster mother suffers a tragedy. The tragedy is mysterious and has no obvious explanation. Fae and her companion Sunny who is an illegal artificial intelligence must then find help to figure out what happened to Fae's foster mother.


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