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Autumn Harvest

by Mark Kasniak  US United States

January 23, 2016   |    1,232 reads    |   0 comments

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Autumn Harvest (book) by Mark KasniakAutumn Harvest: A Celebration of Halloween and the Macbre… brings together all the fun things that may have scared you as a kid about Halloween while taking those stories a step further by adding a new dimension that will horrify and sicken you as an adult.

In this creepy and dark humored anthology consisting of a dozen or so short-fiction pieces and the Novella, “A Pumpkins’ Halloween” you will be catapulted back into the world you remember as a child where ghost, vampires, zombies, all kinds of boogeymen were real. You will also experience a new form of terror as an adult in reading these stories because many of the villains that these tales encompass could be easily pulled right out of the headlines.

Such stories in this book include:

 The Express  Four friends go on a camping trip near the site of an old train wreck and get more than they’ve bargained for.

 Damnedborough Radio 104.1 am  Rick addicted to collecting junk brings home a radio that broadcasts the voice of a demon.

 Exit 34  A women recounts the experience of a time when she was young and on vacation with her family when they stopped off at a restaurant where you might end up on the menu.

 A Halloween story  a man at the end of his rope experiences a drunken Halloween.

 Cold Mutton Soup  Mike and Jim discover resurrecting the dead may not be all that they thought it would be.

 Glenn and Death  Loser in life, Glenn Oliver, finds himself accompanied by the grim reaper to a party in the afterlife that Glenn may not be ready for.

 A Pumpkins’ Halloween  a novella which focuses on five jack-o-lanterns taking turns telling scary stories on Halloween as they watch passerby trick-or-treaters shuffle past them on their fun-filled evening.

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