AY9581 Life In and Out

AY9581 Life In and Out by Mark W. Faler - Book cover.

24 July, 2016

This is the autobiography of my life. At the age of 18 I was on trial for one of the biggest murder cases in Monroe county, Pa history. I had been living with a psychopath and did not know it. On the sixth night I had moved in with him he murdered, beat, strangled, and raped the 60 year old female who owned the apartments we lived at. The man who did it was going to kill my family unless I confessed to what he did. The police already knew it was not me because I was their star witness. At some point they lost the right guy. I was coerced deeper and deeper into trouble. Since they had lost the right guy I was their scapegoat. The story tells of my life before, during, and after prison.

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