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Banana Sandwich

by Steve Bargdill  US United States

June 13, 2015   |    1,195 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not load."These nights are very dark. I hear all the sounds. My heart beat, the blood pulsing through my wrists, it is like the hollow echo broadcast from the rings of Saturn, empty and surging and crying out for someone to listen."

 Carol struggles with an inherited mental disorder. When she decides to be better, it is the city that goes insane. Then, her ex-boyfriend murders her roommate. To fight back, she must decide how she is to live her life.

My five minute elevator pitch for Banana Sandwich has always been that it's a book about a bi-polar pizza delivery driver who lives in her van down by the river. The line gets laughs, but the other day I met someone who is truly hurting from this condition, and the two-day conversation reminded me why I wrote this novel in the first place. Any mental disorder is a hard reality to live with. If I can bring awareness to that issue through my literature, then that is one of my goals for this book.

About The Author

Steve Bargdill received his bachelor’s in English with an emphasis in creative writing from the University of Iowa December 2012. Originally from Ohio, he has lived in Dayton, Columbus, Troy, St. Marys, and New Knoxville as well as West Branch, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Muncie, Indiana. Bargdill has done everything from truck driving to pizza delivery, journalist and convenience store clerk. His father taught him discipline and the value of hard work by forcing him to stack thousands of feet of lumber. Bargdill is currently an indie author and has just completed his Masters of Arts in... more

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