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The Battle of Venda

by Richard Walters  US United States

April 23, 2021   |    569 reads    |   0 comments

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The Battle of Venda - Book coverIn this action-packed fantasy thriller, Dave and Leah stand up to dictatorship in a violent fight for freedom.

There is a Billion Dollar bounty on the death or capture of King Bela of Venda. Dave and Leah recruit a motley crew of combat veterans, mobsters, a tech genius, a history professor, and a medical doctor to fight for life, liberty, and freedom.

They survive a plane crash and carry out a mission to disable a drug cartel.

They are then taking on another mission. To destroy the nuclear infrastructure of Narad, which poses an existential threat to the world.

If you like action-adventure, you will enjoy The Battle of Venda.


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