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Best Dream - Worst Nightmare

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May 4, 2021  |  843 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Best Dream - Worst Nightmare - Book coverIn this action-packed fantasy thriller, Dave and Leah stand up to dictatorship in a violent fight for freedom. Dave and Leah are running for their lives as their house is attacked by anarchists.

After narrowly escaping their assailants, Dave and Leah are taken on a high-speed train to a secret island under the sea. Ruled by an evil mobster working for the Global Domination State, Dave and Leah find themselves fighting for their lives once again.

Will they outwit the corrupt dictator and mastermind an escape, or will they become captives of Global Domination?


About Richard Walters

US United States

Richard Walters has a Masters in Education. He spent 20 years in corporate America as a district manager. In 1988 he left all that and became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. In 2020, Richard made a third career change and became a writer. His genre is fantasy, action, adventure with a political twist. His message is all about life, Liberty, and Freedom!

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